Jessica Diamond, MPH, RDN


Nutrition Counseling and Coaching

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Individual Nutrition Counseling and Coaching

Individual counseling sessions in the comfort of your home.  Provide you with personalized nutrition guidance that is tailored to the specific needs of you and your family.


Proper nutrition prior to conception, during pregnancy, and postpartum is essential. Maternal session will guide you through your pregnancy from fertility through the postpartum period to ensure you have the optimal nutrition to support your growing baby and changing body.


Help you navigate the breastfeeding journey to promote an enjoyable and successful breastfeeding experience. Breastfeeding sessions start during your pregnancy to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to successfully breastfeed once your bundle of joy arrives and then continue on into the the postpartum stage so you get the all-so-necessary support as a new breastfeeding mother.  


Introducing food to your baby is such a fun (and messy) milestone and set’s up your baby’s eating habits for life! Infant sessions will teach you everything you need to know about feeding your baby including the most updated research on when and how to introduce foods, purees versus baby-led weaning, what products to use, how to decrease risk of food allergies, what foods to avoid, and baby food recipes and storage.


Setting up a solid parent-child feeding relationship is essential and lasts a lifetime. Child sessions will teach you all the strategies you need to ensure that your child grows up to be a healthy, independent, non-picky and mindful eater.  You will learn solid evidence-based recommendations on how to feed your child and how to prevent and fix meal time power struggles and picky eating.   


Mommy and Me Cooking Classes

individual and group classes

Getting your child involved in cooking is one of the best ways to build self-confidence, independence, and a healthy relationship with food. Mommy and me cooking classes will teach you how to cook simple and healthy meals with your child as your sous chef.   

Baby Registry Services

registry set-up and management in the privacy of your home.

Navigating all the baby products on the market and ensuring you have all the necessary items you need before your baby arrives from burp cloths to strollers is not a simple task. The registry service will help you create a customized registry based on a thorough understanding of your personal values and budget so you can focus on successfully raising a healthy and confident child.


I really cannot imagine navigating my babies first foods without the help of Jessica. She helped me feel infinitely more knowledgeable, confident and prepared. I now have a 3 year old that loves to eat everything!

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