Jessica Diamond, MPH, RDN

Breast Feeding and Pumping Must-Haves


Below are my list of essentials for breastfeeding and pumping.

  1. Nursing Pillow. This is my favorite nursing pillow as you can easily get your infant or baby into the right position comfortably. It also can turn into an infant lounger as your baby grows.

  2. Silverette Nursing Cups. These are a lifesaver to help heal sore nipples. They are made out of natural silver, have been used in Europe forever, and do wonders for healing.

  3. Nipple Butter. My favorite brands are Earth Mama and Motherlove.

  4. Wabi Baby UV Sterilizer. The best sterilizer. I also love the UPang Plus UV sterilizer. You can put virtually anything in these sterilizers and they will change the game for washing and drying pump parts and bottles. –

  5. Booby Tubes. These can be heated up or cooled down to be the perfect hot pack or ice pack for sore breasts. –
    Extra set of pump parts (order at least 2) –

  6. Glass Bottles. I love the Dr. Browns and Life Factory glass bottles. I usually pick the Dr. Browns over the Life Factory in the beginning as Dr. Browns sells a premie nipple for their bottles which is helpful to use in the first couple months of life to decrease the flow of the milk.

  7. Dr. Browns Wide Neck Preemie Nipples. I like these for the first couple months of life regardless of your babies size.

  8. Breast Pump. Spectra makes my favorite breast pump. I love the Spectra S1 (the blue one) as it does not have to be plugged in while pumping.

  9. Extra Set of Pump Parts. Trust me, you are going to want a couple sets of pump parts so you don’t need to clean and sanitize immediately after pumping each time.

  10. Travel breast pump. The Willow is a great breast pump to start using on-the-go once your milk supply is established and your nipples are not sore or cracked. Don’t purchase The Willow until you actually need it and be patient once you get it - there is a learning curve and it takes some practice.

  11. Kiinde Twist Pouch Starter Kit. Great bag to pump and store your milk in. I like the starter kit because you get all the converter pieces to attach the Kiinde bags to you breast pump, but I don’t like the bottles that come in the starter pack.

  12. Glass Bottles for Pumping. These are my favorite glass bottles to pump and store milk in.

  13. Hands-Free Pumping Bra. A must-have for pumping with any pump besides The Willow pump.

  14. Green Sprouts Organic Burp Cloths. Hands-down the best organic burp cloths.

  15. Bravado Nursing Bras. Bravado makes great nursing bras. For the first 6-8 weeks after delivery, you should wear a nursing bra without underwire if nursing. Order your pre-pregnancy size.

  16. Organic Liquid Vitamin D. It is important to supplement your newborn and infant with vitamin D if they are breastfed. Talk to your pediatrician about this at your first appointment. Mommy’s Bliss and Wellements are my two favorite organic brands.

  17. Evivo Probiotic. This is an infant probiotic made specifically for breast-fed babies.

Want to make sure you have all the products you need for a successful breastfeeding and pumping journey? Schedule an appointment before your baby arrives so we can make sure you are set up for success.


Favorite Products for Infant Feeding


It’s time to embark on a very messy, but wonderful milestone - solids! Before you do, Contact me to Set up a one-on-one session or group class to make sure you have the knowledge and skills needed to start your little one off right. Introducing solids may sound simple in theory, but trust me, there is a lot to know to make the feeding journey positive and successful.

Below is a list of everything you need to make this messy milestone a successful one!

  1. Open Lid Cup. I love starting an open lid cup ~6 months. This stainless steel cup is plastic-free and a great cup to grow with your child.

  2. Honey Bear Straw Cup. This cup is used to teach your child how to drink from a straw.

  3. Stainless Steel Cup with Straw. This is my favorite straw cup once your baby knows how to drink from a straw. Add a silicone bumper on the straw so your baby can’t pull it out.

  4. Munchkin 360 cup. This is the best sappy cup for oral motor development. Stay away from hard-spout sappy cups.

  5. Numnum GOOtensils: These are a MUST for teaching your baby how to self feed. I recommend purchasing three packages as you will be using 3 spoons per meal.

  6. Stainless Steel Utensils: I love these 18/10 stainless steel utensils.

  7. Spill Proof Wooden Bowl. This is my favorite brand for bowls and plates.

  8. Bibs. I love full-sleeved bibs as feeding should be and will be messy. Bumpkin is my favorite brand as all their bibs and products are BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free and lead-free. I also love the OXO silicone bibs.

  9. Babyfood Steamer and Blender. You do not need a baby food steamer and blender, but if you want the ease and have the space for it, this is my favorite.

  10. Highchair. The Stokke Tripp Trapp is by far the best highchair on the market. It will grow with you child and is worth every penny.

  11. Glass Baby Food Storage Jars.

  12. Yumi Baby Food. A great organic baby food delivery service. (use code for 15% off: jessica15)

  13. Ready, Set, Food. If you have a family history of food allergies or are concerned about giving your infant high allergen foods early and often, Ready, Set, Food may be a product to try. (use code for 50% off the first month of a subscription: JESSICAD50%OFF)

  14. Gathre Highchair Mat. This mat looks chic, but can only be hand washed. It’s easy to wipe down after meals.

  15. Simple Splat Mat. This mat for under the highchair is machine washable and can double as a blanket outside.

  16. Books. My favorite books are (1) Baby Led Feeding, (2) Born to Eat, (3) Spice Spice Baby